7 Small Business Ideas For The Locals Of Northern Areas

7 Business Ideas For The Locals Of Northern Areas

7 Small Business Ideas For The Locals Of Northern Areas

As the employment in Pakistan is likely to zero. Mindset of Travel to Pakistan is increasing which in return giving small business oppertunities to those areas where tourism attracting but the job opportunities are also not feasible for everyone. Particularly when it come to the north Pakistan, indeed there is more than 90 percent literacy rate but majority of the people are living their live as a burden to their families.

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In such worst cases, the growing tourism industry in Pakistan is a big opportunity to those educated people who are of course educated but they don’t find any chance to prove themselves.


Small business ideas:

Below are the 7 small but potential business ideas which a local people of north Pakistan get big benefit out of it.

From last 5 years the tourism flow is growing and international tourists are rushing every year particularly to northern areas. So, in order to facilitate and ensure the other travel requirements, local people can arrange their settlements as per their feasibility to avail this opportunity .

Foreign tourists are rushing each year to witness the beautiful culture and local hoteling’s.

 When the eye falls on the beautiful valleys and mountain ranges of northern areas of Pakistan. Economy increases and the concentration towards tourism sector is monitoring to get the best out it. like:

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  • The availability of resources to reach to the beautiful valleys.
  • Update government officials to arrange a best road infrastructures to reach.
  • Allow main stream media for coverage to float.
  • Invite to the big investors to invest in hoteling and other entertaining domains in tourism.
  • Government should completely focus on this industry to make sure the safety and availability of every requirement who willing to travel pakistan.

Refering to the tourism flow in northern pakistan. China has invested a lot and made a beautiful roads on agreement of CPEC (Pak China Economic Corridor). Now it’s a big and potential time to build small business uplift their economic status.

1- Handicraft selling :

The concept of gift and presents are famous in the entire world. So the handicraft products and abundantly found in northern areas, particularly in Gilgit Baltistan.

The travelers who travel to Pakistan are mostly prefer to buy some local handmade products for their families and friends OR even sometime for a memory of their visit.

You can deploy your stalls, cabins and shops nearby main tourist attractions to attract potential customers.

  • Handicraft shops
  • Traditional Dresses Shops etc.

2. Local Dishes & Tuck Shop:

          As the flow of tourism is increasing exponentially, so to facilitate every traveler in Pakistan. You can facilitate them by any business idea in local dishes and tuck shops.

When you are in Gilgit Baltistan side particularly in Skardu, Nagar, Hunza, Ghizer, Astore and Naltar. You can install a small dhabas or tuck shops because there are travelers who are coming from different family background or different classes. So majority are preferring to have some local dishes in more like desi manners to hangout.

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The potential and most demanding traditional foods are:

  • Samosas
  • Pakoras
  • Manto
  • Chapshuro (Nagar)
  • Local Soups
  • Selling of local fruits

Even our own travel to Pakistan, we mostly prefer to stay at such dhabas and having some chit chat with locals and having some local foods which reflects some affection with them being hosts members.

All this happens on some small investments.


3. Local Tourist Guide

          This kind of small business is very much needy and have much potential if the locals have that much confidence and to deliver every part of the selected tourist attraction. Local tourist guide needs to be very much informative to tell about every tourist attraction, hotels, cuisines and local and traditional buildings. Mean to say, tourist guide has to have all connections to deal with some tourist to let him know about every aspect of travel.

What skills any travel guide and tourist guide need to have? Like:

  • Ancient Building
  • Famous Point
  • Famous trek or hike
  • Famous Hotel and Central Park
  • Local Meetups
  • Historical Buildings
  • History of that particular Area.

4. Adventure items & Sports Shop

Being a resident of that particular tourist area, there are many travelers who coming for trekking, hiking, cycling, driving, horse riding, rain jackets, gloves, Adventure Sports, Local Maps and other short hand games like Tash game, ludo games.

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If you are selling sports and adventure sports shops, then this business is most demanding and you will attract more clients.

Adventure Sports Shop Include:

  • Hiking Stick
  • Binocular
  • Local Maps
  • Sun Glasses
  • Sun Blocker
  • Umbrella
  • Camps
  • Bar BQ setup
  • Shades
  • Hiking Stick.

If anyone from locals interested to do a B2B business with some famous company, it good for them to gain a swift response and success. Like Online stores running in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and Rawalpindi.

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5. Airbnb Rentals

Airbnd is an advanced and new way to accommodate travelers all over the world. This service has introduced last year in 2018 and now started in Neelam, Naran and other parts of northern areas where travelers in pakistan is reserving for their night rests and spend their vacations.

In Airbnb locals are converting their house rooms into rental rooms and apply for the reservation in Airbnb website. Where travelers are searching the most famous and comfortable rooms, after a thorough check by means of all provided images in Airbnb website. He reserves if that particular rooms inspire him.

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If this service is start in Hunza, Nagar, Naltar, Skardu and Phandar Valley. Surely this will boom the entire hoteling industry and attract worldwide travelers to these local rooms via Airbnb portal.

Airbnd as a small business
Airbnd as a small business

6. Camping Service:

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Northern Pakistan is famous for its green meadows and most attractive pastures. To spend some the most relaxing days. Travelers coming to Pakistan from every part of the world. They prefer to live just to explore nature and enjoy by witnessing live beauty of nature. To give this feel and vibe you must have a perfect and all in one plan to have some camping service which will give this mindset to your clients, who are travelers of beautiful Pakistan.

Camping site must be at some hilly area or nearby waterfall, jungle and near to some amazing mountains which give them a clear look of their travel.

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7. Local Dishes:

Traveler means, to leave their daily routine like; office work, house routine, normal dishes, normal outings and off to spend some unique life where he/she feels like living in destiny. So when it comes to local dishes. Every traveler has to taste local dishes but they prefer the neat and clean environment to taste under the complete hygienic securities.

This is up to the locals that how they presenting their local dishes to national and international travelers.

  • If they well played in their marketing skills to attract those customers. They will bring more people and they will transfer that moment to others and ultimately they will pay visit at any means to taste.
  • If the marketing strategy got fail and your presentation to serve your food. It will soon end up.
  • Be sure to plan prior arrangements to avoid any lose.
Chapshuro dish  business in northern areas
How to make chapshuro

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