First coronavirus case has been confirmed in Karachi while second in Islamabad.

Coronavirus landed to Pakistan, first coronavirus case has been confirmed in Karachi

Coronavirus landed to Pakistan, first coronavirus case has been confirmed in Karachi.

There are two confirmed cases received in Pakistan diagnoses coronavirus. This news has been confirmed from special assistant to Prime Minister Health Dr. Zafar Mirza.

As per Health Minister Dr. Zafar Mirza has confirmed first two cases of coronavirus in Pakistan which has been taken into custody according to the clinical standard protocols.

Moreover, in detailed discussion, both cases are under control.

After Karachi, there is second case reported in capital city of Islamabad, where coronavirus effected person has been taken into quarantine at PIMS Islamabad.

Moreover, the whole family of that effected person has been screened and performed all formalities.

Karachi Government Must takes necessary Actions:

This is a clear notice to all nations particularly to the Sindh government to arrange necessary planning to handle coronavirus disorder.

Under the Murad Ali shah’s order, all arrangements must plan and for the safety purpose Sindh government must play vital role in this regard.

Further Information minister Syed Nasir Hussain shah has also ordered the concern authorities to look after all infected people to control this case.

Further this also added that take all information of the passengers who travelled and conduct immediate screenings to check either there is any infected person or not.

For coronavirus protection. There are three different cells arranged at three different hospitals,

Toll Free Number for Corona Virus Emergency in Karachi: 1166

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