World’s Most Affordable and Expensive Coutries to live in.

World's Most Affordable and Expensive Coutries to live in

Pakistan has been enlisted in the world’s most affordable country to stay / live in. Whereas some other Asian countries like, Switzerland and Bangladesh is the most expensive country in South Asia.

According to the CEOWORLD, a world leading magazines which are known for its executive professionals and most demanding business leaders. As per this magazine, Pakistan has been declared the world’s most affordable country to live in or spend some of your vacations. Because it has the most diversified cultures and traditional norms to facilitate travelers.


Moreover, according to the report (Dhaka Tribune), they also declared India, Syria, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tunisia are expensive countries with respect to Pakistan.

Adding to above information, they also reported some other countries which are expensive then Pakistan. Let’s have a look on those most expensive countries.

There are some European countries which are on top in the list of most expensive countries to live in.

When we talk about top 20 most expensive countries, there are nine European countries listed on most expensive countries.

Five expensive countries are in Asia. However, one country in North America and same like one in Africa. Following more, two countries are in Caribbean and two countries are in Oceania.

There are Norway which ranks second in the list of world’s most expensive countries as compared to Iceland, Bahamas, Japan, Israel, Luxembourg, South Korea and Singapore.

When we move down into other most world’s expensive countries, we have on 20th number is United States of America (USA), Russia at 82nd, United Kingdom (UK) at 27th, whereas Saudi Arabia at 57th.

Above rankings are completely based on below five metrics:

  • Living cost.
  • Rents
  • Groceries
  • Eating out and overall Purchasing power.

To identify the world’s most and least expensive countries to live in, the magazine collected and reviewed data from dozens of studies, numbers of consumer price index, cost of living index and numerous national and international media reports. 


The data was then compiled into an index, using the notoriously expensive city of New York City (NYC) as a benchmark. New York was given an index score of 100. So a country with a score higher than 100 is more expensive than New York, while below signals less expensive.

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